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How much thread do you get?

Each silk skein comes in 40 single strand lengths at approx 1.2m long. this gives you a total length of 48m,

Each hank contains approx 55-58 skeins worth of silk. 


What thickness is the silk?

Each individual strand is the same approx thicknes as a single strand of 6 ply dmc


Are the silks colourfast?

I can not guarentee that the silks will be colourfast but i have not found any runoff on the tests i have done on the silk. If you are washing your piece please do so in lukewarm - cold water.


How long will it take to post out the items?

We do our best to get the products sent out within 7 days. Unfortunately delays can have happen during busy periods ,ie sales or in the runup to christmas. 

Hanks can take up to a fortnight to be dyed and ready for dispatch, if you need a hank quickly please message me before you place your order.

Due to the hand dyed narure of the products out of stock items can take several weeks to become available, please feel free to message if you wish to obtain up to date lead time on an out of stock products.


What is the postage costs?

Uk postage is

silk only -                 

£1 50 for orders £34.99 or under

free over £35 for silk only orders

fabric orders -

 £3.50 for orders costing £49.99 or less and free there after 


E.U. postage is    

silk only orders -           

£3.50 for orders under £49.99

Free on orders over £50

fabric orders -

£3.50 for orders costing £49.99 or less and free there after


International postage for

silk is    

£5 for orders under £69.99

Free for orders over £75


£4.50 on orders undar £69.99 free there after

Recorded international postage is also available at £12. please contact me for other details

 Terms of service

Delivery Information;


Layaways work by placing an order which you wish to be shipped all together but cannot pay for in one lump and so you pay in installments.Their is a 10% none refubdable deposit to be paid at time of layaway order.
You can do this in one of two ways. 
1. Please contact myself at [email protected] with your order and i will send out an invoice. 
2. At payment type "layaway" into the discount box. This will reduce your amount to 10% owed. You can then send any other money towards the order via paypal, to [email protected].
Please be aware that no items will be shipped untill the remaining balance is paid in full.

Terms and Conditions;

By using this website, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

 Thread Pickerz reserves the right to correct any errors found in the website without any obligation for example if an item is incorrectly priced we will refund monies owed or ask for payment for the remainder of the cost from the customer. Thread Pickerz reserves the right to refuse any order and your money will be refunded in full with a short explanation of the reason for refusal.
You may not use Thread Pickerz products to form kits or other offers and financially benefit from selling on our products unless you have received permission to do so. If you wish to use Thread Pickerz products in any way in your business please email us to discuss this so that terms can be agreed. If you purchase Thread Pickerz products from anyone bar ourselves then they are not authorised by us and we will not be able to help you.

All the patterns sold via Thread Pickerz  are the intellectual property of the designer and may not be redistributed, re sold or copied in anyway unless you make a working copy that is destroyed upon completion of the piece. Anyone found to have shared paterrns electronically or by copying will be pursued legally. If you lose a pattern and can present a work in progress picture/ invoice no. of original purchase we will send a replacement copy.

All patterns are created by ourselves using our own inspiration, art with permission or images found in the public domain. We have not intentionally infringed anyone elses copyright but if anyone can prove a pattern infringes on another persons copyright the affected pattern will be removed from sale immediately.


All our designs are protected by copyright and unauthorized use is punishable under international copyright law and we will pursue legal avenues with anyone found to do any of the following;.

Making copies of our design to give or sell to someone else.
Sending copies of our charts by email to anyone else apart from yourself
Uploading or posting our charts onto any website
Producing kits from our designs.

We hope you respect our terms and conditions and we reserve the right to cancel any order if the buyer is known to break copyright law to protect our intellectual property.


We are committed to protecting your privacy and we fully comply with the applicable UK Data Protection and Consumer Legislation Act.

We respect your privacy and we will never use your private information not will we share it with any other organisation.

Regarding financial information, please note that we do not store or keep your credit or debit card details, this is for your own security.We use Paypal to process your order using their secure server. They process your payment for us and send is the results of the transaction.